Sam and Jimmy | Milwaukee Beach Engagement Photography

Sam and Jimmy’s engagement session was my first ever FILM ONLY shoot, which made it so incredibly fun! Not to mention that these two were so joyous and outgoing in front of the camera! We started the day off by heading over the the Milwaukee Brewing Co. and managed to snap a few shots inside while also trying some samples of their “Outboard” and “Polish Moon” beers. Sam and Jimmy are avid beer fans, and they were so glad to be able to shoot in one of their favorite spots in town! I hear talk of a brewery themed-wedding coming up in 2016. Can’t wait!

One of my favorite spots in Milwaukee is Atwater Park. It’s just coolest park located on a cliff about 100 feet above the beach. Once you reach the edge, you’ll find yourself walking down a crazy-steep flight of stairs that’ll lead you right to the beach.  I took Sam and Jimmy to the park later that day, and we managed to capture some incredible images right before it started raining!  To this moment, these are my absolute favorite shots captured on film! 


Technical info: This engagement session was shot with a Contax 645 and Hasselblad H1. I used Portra 400 (Pushed to 800) inside the brewery, and Fuji 400h at the beach.