A Look Back at 2014 and My Introduction to Film

What an incredible year it has been!

Exactly one year ago, I was getting ready to purchase my second DSLR: A Canon 6D. It seemed so crazy at the time to own two professional cameras. I was legit! If you’d ask me how I would picture myself at the end of 2014, my guess would have been so far from the truth! 

As I’m writing this post, I currently have a camera from the 80’s, and another one from the 50’s sitting next to me. These aren’t those types of cameras you buy at a flea market just to decorate your apartment. These are the cameras I’ve actually used at weddings, and will continue to do so for years to come. 2014 will always be the most crucial turning point in my photographic career, as I made a full-on switch to film photography. 

Back in June, I purchased this $5 camera at a thrift store for the sole purpose of using it as decoration for my desk. It looked so worn down, and so vintage. I never guessed this camera would be working. I mean, surely that was the reason why it was donated to a thrift in the first place, right? Wrong! It was a perfectly functioning Pentax K1000 from the 70’s! I said to myself, “might as well shoot with it!” and so I began researching film photography. I knew nothing about it!

Fast forward to the first week of 2015, and I now own four incredible film cameras, which I mainly shoot with at weddings. Film has changed the way I look at photography in so many awesome ways. It has fueled my passion for photography tenfold, and It’s only been a few months! 

This upcoming year is going to be amazing! 

I was so lucky to work with such amazing couples this year. Here are some of my favorite images!


Photo geek info: All film images were shot on a Contax 645 with Fuji 400h or Portra 400. All Digital images were shot on a Canon 5D Mark III or Sony A7, and processed using Mastin Labs/VSCO.